Coaching for Executives

Improve Business Culture
Improve Leadership Results
Identify & Optimize Psychological Patterns
Identify Strengths & Control for Weaknesses


Coaching for Employees

Personality Assessment, Capability, & Strengths
Improve Performance – Increase Drive & Output
Ensure Transitional Management Success
Groom for Leadership Roles



• Executive Coaching
• Leadership Development
• Recovery from Failure
• Personality Development
• Roadmap Success



Coached All Ages – Consult for Millenials
Qualified: MS in Psychology, 4.0 transcript available.
Master’s Thesis: Female Personality in Male-dominated Industries
Tech-forward & Entertainment Inclined – Entrepreneurs, Managers, & Creatives Welcome


Coaching is:

the psychology of achievement, happiness, and satisfaction, for healthy people. It is knowing yourself, designing the future, and growing a better individual, employee, or team. Coaching provides clarity, insight, and feedback while pushing you to try harder and think smarter. This often includes productivity, accountability, personal growth, or another defined result.

Coaching will:

inspire action, drive results, and create change. Coaching builds growth, success, and satisfaction. I’ve coached people into their purpose, into successful careers, into better values, relationships, love, more money, reconciliation, and rebuilding. We’re going to strategize how to level you up! Coaching increases output, fixes errors before they occur, looks farther down the road, and perfects systems to optimal functionality. It leverages your innate abilities to overcome your fear of possibility and unlock your potential for significant, meaningful action.

A Coach has:

studied human development, motivation, and communication. Ideally, they are educated in positive psychology, consultation methodology, systems theory, and ethics if they work in the business world. The best coaches will be professionals with healthy boundaries who ask questions and collaborate with their clients.

Get a Coach if:

you want to grow or if a segment of your life or business is struggling and you’re willing to be honest. Success has pitfalls, new directions need sorted, subordinates increase, and decision risks increase. We need help, because the more responsibility we have the more opportunities there are for both success and failure.


Executive Coaching Leadership Life Coach Employee Intervention Support


I’m passionate about understanding what people need and how we grow. I attended college on full scholarship with ongoing leadership training, served as a juvenile counselor, coached sexual education, ran business development, and then managed both music and client relationships on multi-million dollar projects for billion-dollar companies. In my free time, I read psychology and human development which led to an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, studying Leadership, Coaching, and Consulting. I offer deep insights, transformative processes, courage, honesty, and accountability.

So much of what I do is tied up in chaos, doom, the flood: failure. It can be prevented, weathered, or avoided. I help people win because of it. I work hard to develop insight for that purpose – I’ve been to hell, and conquered it. The collapse creates opportunities and precedes new successes, but so can a willingness to experience and strike off into the unknown. There is treasure there, and maps to guide the way. Kids swallow a lot of water learning to swim, but it beats learning in a hurricane, or drowning. Experience can be soul-crushing, or inspiring. I coach because I love contribution and pursuing growth. I measure my success by yours.



Many insurance plans offer reimbursement for wellness services ranging across coaching, nutritional, and therapeutic practices from a variety of certified and uncertified individuals. The requirements vary widely but can offer substantial amounts, so check with your provider to determine reimbursement eligibility.