Coaching is…

about designing the future and growing a better individual, employee, or team – coaching is psychology for healthy people. This often includes productivity, accountability, employee consulting, personal growth, or some other defined result in giftings, skills, and strategies. Coaching increases your output, mitigates errors from blindness or oversight, and perfects systems to optimal functionality, which turns your desires into reality.

Coaching will…

inspire action, drive, results, and create change. It focuses on growth, success, and meeting your needs in a better way. I have coached people into their calling, into starting successful companies, on defining values, finding love, increasing their income, reconciling broken relationships, and moving forward after loss because our future is exponentially better with help.

A Coach has…

studied human development, motivation, and communication. Ideally, they are well versed in positive psychology, consultation methodology, systems theory, and ethics if they work in the business world. The best coaches will be professionals with healthy boundaries who ask questions and collaborate with their clients.

Get a Coach if…

you want to grow or if a segment of your life or business is struggling and you’re willing to be honest. Success has pitfalls, new directions need sorted, subordinates increase, and decision risks increase. We need help, because the more responsibility we have the more opportunities there are for both success and failure.



Executive Coaching Leadership Life Coach Employee Intervention Support

I love Coaching. I’m passionate about understanding what people need and how we grow. I attended college on full scholarship with ongoing leadership training, served as a juvenile counselor, coached sexual education, ran business development, and then managed both music and client relationships on multi-million dollar projects for billion-dollar companies. In my free time, I read psychology and human development which led to an MS in I/O Psychology, which focuses on Leadership, Coaching, and Consulting.

Failure can be prevented but it also creates opportunities after the old has been stripped away. It precedes new successes but it is possible to prevent failure. I’ve gained and lost along the way, and rebuilt. I had and have my own coach and mentors. Coaching decides whether failure is traumatic or helpful. My love for contribution and fostering growth is why I coach.



~ Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
~ Tech / Entertainment Intervention & Consultation
~ Failure Mitigation & Recovery