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We believe that psychologically safe, courageous, supported individuals change their mental state and the state of others. They embody ideals; they define environments; they create and build. A self-aware, unhindered, and enabled person achieves their potential and changes peers and businesses for the better. Powerfully. We guide and support individuals in this individuation process, moving them towards growth into active, present people who embody the ancient metaphorical ideal of the divine spark.


We believe the fully developed individual is unstoppable.









What We Do


Executive Impact

    • Automate Leadership Results
    • Define & Improve Business Culture
    • Identify & Optimize Thought Patterns
    • Recognize Strengths, Control for Unknowns
    • Define Values, Balance Teams, Restore Creativity

Employee Success

    • Empowerment through Self Knowledge
    • Improve Performance, Drive, & Output
    • Develop Individuals for Leadership
    • Map Achievement, Solve Problems
    • Ensure Management Transition Success


Coaching is:

Coaching is the positive psychology of achievement, happiness, and satisfaction for people who have overcome or avoided traumas. It is increasing self-knowledge to optimize behavior for an identified future self, team, or company. Coaching provides clarity, insight, and feedback on personality, values, and desires while empowering people to increase capability and intelligence according unique personal experiences and biology. It is an investment with dividends increasing productivity output, doubling growth, increasing responsibility, and peaksing significance. This does mean salary will increase, but more importantly, you’ll become a better person.

Practically, we will draw out what you know and your reasons for your actions. You will talk. A lot. We will examine personality and values and then compare these to your desires and values. We will guide your thought processes towards solutions and epiphanies by connecting your observations to these drives. Awareness, understanding, purpose, drive, and more will increase and the roadblocks are removed.

A Coach has:

A coach has has one foot in a structured, educational past and one in a visionary future, straddling present research data. They study psychology, human development, motivation, and communication. Ideally, they are also educated in consultation methodology, systems theory, and ethics, and read the masters in addition to self-help research. They may be a licensed psychologist or have one of many coaching licenses offered by coaching schools. In our case, we are obsessed with humanistic and organizational psychology, including ontology, personality, culture, and leadership. And archetypes. And social psychology. And language. It keeps going.

Get a Coach if:

Get a coach if you want to grow your life or business or if you want to prepare for future disasters.

Often people know they can do more and don’t know why they aren’t doing those things. We know exactly why. We know the patterns and we know the motivations. We can help you build the best actions, the actions you want.

Other people are riding high but are troubled. Have you peaked? Are you missing something? Is disaster coming? Are you stagnating? Which way is up from here? Success has pitfalls; new directions need sorted; subordinates increase demand load; people need new things from you; and your decision risks have increased.

We need support in our mental game. The more responsibility we have the more opportunities there are for both success and failure. The more unintentional down time we have the worse off our future will be. Let’s build.







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About Dave

I’m passionate about understanding what human need and grow patterns. I attended college on full scholarship with ongoing leadership training, served as a juvenile counselor, coached sexual education, ran business development in entertainment, and then managed both music and client relationships on multi-million dollar projects for billion-dollar companies. In my free time, I read psychology and human development which led to an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, studying Leadership, Coaching, and Consulting. I offer transformative processes, deep insights, knowledge, courage, honesty, and accountability.

So much of what I do is tied up my past experiences of chaos, doom, the flood: in failure. It can be prevented, weathered, or avoided. We can pivot. We can win. I work hard to develop insight for that purpose. Anti-fragility. Conquering hell. Building paradise. Failure creates opportunities and precedes new successes, but so can a willingness to experience and strike off into the unknown – the archetypal hero’s journey. There is treasure there, and maps to guide the way. Experience can be soul-crushing, or inspiring. I coach because I love contribution and pursuing growth. I measure my success by yours.




Master of Science in Organizational Psychology
Thesis: Female Personality in Male-dominated Industries
Coached All Ages – Star / Entrepreneurial Millennials Significantly
Tech-forward & Entertainment Focused – Entrepreneurs, Managers, & Creatives Welcome








Many insurance plans offer reimbursement for wellness services ranging coaching, nutritional, and therapeutic practices from a variety of individuals. The requirements vary widely but can offer substantial amounts, so check with your provider to determine reimbursement eligibility. Sliding scale available.