What is Coaching?

Coaching provides clarity, insight, and feedback on personality, values, experiences, and desires. It empowers increased capability and intelligence. It is an investment in self, with dividends being increased productivity, exponential growth, and peak significance. You’ll live up to your potential.

Coaching begins with self knowledge - recognizing your unique pattern of success, happiness, and satisfaction. We discover this with assessments, introspection, and recognized experts. We will draw out what you know and your reasons for your actions. We will compare this to your desires. You will talk. A lot. 

Next, we optimize actions to benefit your found goals and values, including the future self, team, company, or all three. We will brainstorm solutions and find epiphanies by connecting  observations to your drives and the necessary actions. Awareness, understanding, purpose, effort, and more will increase as roadblocks are removed and decisions made.

What makes a good Coach?

Coaches vary. A coach may have a degree in psychology, one of many coaching licenses, or a unique experience. These focus on a niche skill such as career, business, or health coaching. Good coaches have a structured, educational past paired with a forward-thinking mindset. They follow current research and are rooted in ethics, rather than personality.

Some coaches are generalists. We study psychology, anthropology, human development, motivation, probability, communication, consultation methodology, and systems theory. We read the masters in addition to current research. We are obsessed with humanistic and organizational psychology, including ontology, personality, culture, and leadership. And archetypes. And social psychology. And language. It keeps going.

Get a Coach if:

If self-help books worked, the industry would collapse. Get a therapist for trauma, and a coach to grow, act, or plan. People know their potential but get stuck. We can get you unstuck, collaboratively reframe the future, and design actions to get you there.

We need support in our mental game. Some people are succeeding, but are troubled. Some have peaked, are dissatisfied, or are unprepared for the future. Success has pitfalls; new directions need sorted; subordinates have demands; and decision risks have increased. A coach can help.


What kind of Coaching do you offer?

Dave's Master of Industrial/Organizational Psychology work includes development of leadership, lifespan, organizations, culture, ethics, diversity, and employees. This includes performance coaching, life coaching, breath coaching, change management, and relationship coaching. His disciplines include career, motivation, success, failure, spirituality, meditation, breathing, dating, sex, relationship, health, nutrition, divorce, and recovery, with extensive study of personality and gender differences. His group programs support relationship development, entrepreneurs, managers, and personality assessment insights.

Where will Coaching take place?

Dave is located in Castle Heights (Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Culver City adjacent) and prefers to coach from a home office or make private house/office calls. Video conferencing is available. 

What do you charge? What are your minimums?

We work on a sliding scale formula capped between $120-$390. The sliding scale supports ethical conscience and drives success – we succeed together. Two Pro-bono slots are available for those with a lack of resources and significant challenges, such as abuse, divorce, or unemployment.

How long is a session? How often?

Individual client appointments are 90 minutes tri-monthly, 4.5 hours per month. 

30 min weekly accountability sessions and full-day intensives are also available. 

Do you offer Therapeutic services?

No. Although Dave has a degree in the science of psychology, he is a coach and consultant, not a clinical or licensed therapist, and he does not offer nor have interest in therapeutic services.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We maintain a standard 24 hour cancellation policy.


Dave S. Wallace, MS I/O Psy

Dave attended Lewis & Clark College on full scholarship with leadership training. He served as a juvenile delinquent counselor and sex-ed teacher before transitioning to music composition and production. After a decade in music, he returned to mental health and acquired an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology – Leadership, Data, Coaching, and Consulting. 

As a coach, Dave offers transformative processes, deep insights, broad knowledge, courage, and accountability. Much of his work is related to the will to preempt, overcome, and grow from failure. This ranges chaos theory to psychological needs, social maps to leadership sight, random probability to antifragility and robustness. Perspective and aim is everything. 

He measures his reputation by your success - his soul is in this, on the line.



  • 10,000+ hours of Private & Group Coaching
  • Master of Science in Organizational Psychology
  • Thesis: Female Sub-group Personality in Male-dominated Industries
  • Transformational Coaching & Breathwork, & Ford Foundation Trained
  • Counseled for American Legion Boys State, CBNW, & Salvation Army
  • Coached All Ages – Star / Entrepreneurial Millennials Significantly
  • Tech, Entertainment, Entrepreneurial Experienced.