The Lie

Self-promotion asserts competent ability to conquer chaos based on intrinsic being rather than doing – cognitive belief divested from action or faith from works – ergo iconography contradicts instinctive models of heroism by a representation separated from the reality of action or the object/archetype’s natural laws (sacrificing pleasure to attain competence for ascendance, conquering, and then sacrificing what was gained to rebuild the community). An idol is separated from actionable reality and removes others’ prerogative to emulate laudable actions. Therefore, the False Prophet shares the same lie as the Swindler and the Coward.

The Failure

Someone who fails in noble action suffers death twice, appearing false and defeated, despite failure denoting true effort. Those who fall are useless without a hero who can restore them. Worse, they poses a risk to others’ in the community, others who will suffer the same fate if they fail to restore that person. Therefore honor restores identity through one’s own proof of true intent, either through self-sacrifice to culture (men) or through birthing offspring to nature (women). However, honor represents abdication of communal duty to model heroism because it places the charge of restoration on the individual. This prevents the emergence of the greatest heroic archetype.

The Greatest Hero

The greatest hero is the person who gives all they have and are to restore a failure. Doing this to restore a lying failure of a person IS TOTAL MADNESS, but NOT if the lying failure is changed and chooses to be restored. The greatest hero sacrifices all that is required to change someone, gambling on THE BEING of the person outside their control, and SUCCEEDS. Chills. Such a sacrifice so rebuilds the restored person that they belong heart and soul to the hero who redeemed them.


I’m high from thinking and the room is shimmering. I’ll meditate on the actions required to restore people to their full potential. I think caching this article in that context is important – the highest minded ideals still come from lobster derivations.

~ Dave Wallace, MS Psy


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