Neurolinguistic programming is the art of training your brain to experience joy when a particular fearful or bad sensation occurs. Results are wildly effective at neutralizing fear by changing bad patterns into open doors of opportunity – conquer fear quickly.

Consider a man with a crippling fear of heights so bad he was afraid to cross bridges; after several weeks of practice, he was able to go skydiving – and love it. Or consider a woman who was afraid of fire changing those sensations into self-enabling power and walking across coals in a matter of hours. This practice neutralizes fear, and can even replace it with neurological rewards.


Neurolinguistic Programming

It can be complicated, but it can also be simple. Here’s the DIY version:

  1. Interact with or meditate on your deepest fear. Let it consume you.
  2. Interrupt your brain’s thought process. Clap or get up suddenly and change rooms.
  3. Think of something pleasurable or empowering. Give yourself to that emotion.
  4. Congratulate and celebrate yourself for changing the pattern!


Nuanced Physical Roots of Fear

A first glance, this sounds like a simple process of just encouraging yourself, but there’s a small tweak that makes a major difference. The “interruption phase” creates a vacuum in your neural connections. Your brain will usually fill this void by returning to the same neural pathway of fear that has already been programmed. Interrupting the pathway and redirecting thought to a pleasurable experience creates a new physical connection and a new pathway. Over a short period of time, and much faster than you might think, those fearful thoughts become connected to thoughts and emotions of self-love instead. The power is stripped from fear.



The crazy thing to me is that we can visualize the negative and pleasurable stimuli in our mind, and we can retrain our brain without physically experiencing that stimuli. Studies show that mentally focused practice or visualization has the same effect as real physical practice. Here’s the thing – you have to practice, doing it repeatedly throughout the day. The last thing that you want is to be thinking about the thing you fear and then to drown in terror, so move on to pleasure!


Be Strong and Courageous

Let your fear wash over you, and then suddenly shift your focus, clap your hands or shout! Embrace a happy memory and congratulate yourself for disobeying fear, that most sinister captor. When fully retrained, the same stimulus will produce confidence, peace, and, mostly importantly, the ability to move forward freely.


Conquer Fear Quickly, and Thrive.


~ Dave Wallace, MS Psy


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