“Benevolent women haven’t figured out how to regulate the evil queen, so her hatred, as part of the post-modern neo-Marxist ideology, has decided weak and emasculated men are preferable to tyrants.

~ Jordan Peterson

The Problem of Evil

The inability to recognize the evil archetype of some women is a harmful ideology overlooked in modern American society. This false belief has two sides – 1) Women are far less evil and men are far more evil; and 2) Women have far less power and men have far more power. As Peterson notes, the evil of weak men is preferable to powerful men for someone who sees evil everywhere. And women, being biologically weaker, are predisposed toward higher threat detection.

Gender Patterns

Why divide gender at all? Gender carries the strongest group identifiers and biological markers. If a postmodern view clouds the ability to know truth, consider that the data show strong statistical evidence of differences based on biological markers. So think of gender as homosapien subsections defining biological and subsequent culturally/historically meditated personality predispositions into statistically significant groupings, which we call norms, personality, archetypes, and more.

Archetypes reveal the ancient understanding that evil does not carry statistical significance for one gender above the other, but is carried differently. This is true in modernity in the same way – the evil of each gender is different to a significant degree. Men are statistically higher in the personality traits Assertiveness and Industriousness while women are higher in the traits of Agreeableness and Neuroticism. Practically and negatively this means that men are more likely to dominant, aggressive, or murderous while women are more likely to be neglectful, sociopathic, or tortuous in their behavior. A man might therefore strong-arm you, but a woman will more likely manipulate you. And we know this, yet we forget because of its simplicity.

Powers of the Sexes

Unfortunately, the power of men is the only power being recognized in our current short-term oriented culture. The power of women tends towards a less immediate, forthright paradigm. Men and women are equally predisposed to evil and they both wield power, but in different ways. Conceptualize this as the ancients did: 1) Masculinity builds cities, culture, and hierarchy through order; 2) Femininity births wisdom, beauty, and life through chaos or change. Masculinity fights with impactful, direct conflict to destroy what others build; femininity conspires, feints, and poisons remove others themselves – to kill or remove will. Adam names the animals until he is discontent and must grow while Eve provides beauty and love until she eats and shares the knowledge-giving forbidden fruit. The Yin-yang symbol shows that too much order causes chaos and chaos leads to order vice versa. In Sumerian tradition, the world is born of a dragon goddess but culture is born of the male hero who defeats her.

As Tony Robbins notes, in our culture men can have feminine energy and women can have masculine energy. This scrambles the power dynamics and cultural norms were are used to and still intrinsically bear. Moreover, Robbins notes men hide under a feminine mask when they are rejected, powerless, or disenfranchised, which is terrible news for a woman who desires a masculine-energy man.

Call to Action

What does this mean for us? It means it is the responsibility of benevolent individuals to determine culture and reject the attempts of the evil queen to paint everything black and devour gentle men. Men struggle to confront the evil queen because determination and physical power succumbs to manipulation and transmutation – they are turned to stone, framed as villains, or blinded if they fight her. Therefore the burden of correcting the evil female archetype falls on good women. They must “figure out” how to confront wicked, misandrous attempts to emasculate men if they wish to marry a strong (or living) man. They must fight to include those the evil queen has cast aside – counteracting exclusion with inclusion is the defining difference of the great mother from the evil queen.

If they are true egalitarians, women must also confront the biological and cultural forces which demand they only “marry up” to a man of greater income as their fortunes rise in the workforce. Or finally, if they are truly heroic, they must rescue the men who have been harmed by evil women, and, like Rapunzel healing her prince or Belle saving her beast, love him back to life.

Challenge with Inclusion, Balance with Wisdom, and Restore with Love.

~ Dave S Wallace, MS PSY

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