If you think other people have better brains, stop. That’s a lie. It’s false – a deception conjured by supremacists and self-declared despots intent on solidifying their own identity for their own ego by keeping everyone else under thumb in a self-critical loop. You can be more than ego candy.


All memory is born equal. All brains are equally smart. Science proves it. Your memory can be trained, and is only determined by your focus, emotions, and the assessment of future value.


Your memory can be trained.


Let me repeat myself. Your memory can be trained. It is affected by your level of interest, your passion, your energy, and your future desires or fears. It’s a living thing. It’s susceptible, and weakened by low levels of blood oxygen and muscle stress in your core.


So ignore what is or is not or what may be or what people claim. Focus on growing, and removing impediments. Learn more, and break through barriers. Connect to you desires and passions and find how they connect back to actions you need to take. If you set your mind on something, you can do it.


There’s a secret handy to coaching – people always get what they want.


~ Dave Wallace, MS Psy